We offer personalised solutions in HTV silicone.

Silicone and silicone sponge parts, designed and produced to meet the requirements of our clients or according to our own expertise. Seals, gaskets and tubes with different characteristics and a wide variety of finishes.

Ready-to-use silicone blends, formulated and designed for transformation using different technologies, according to the client’s needs. Shore hardness from 15 to 90, wide range of colours, and resistant to high and low temperatures, vapour, oils, self-extinguishing, spongy, with improved mechanical properties and more.

We distribute Wacker Silicones compounds and additives. Silicone compounds with a wide range of hardness and properties. Adhesives and primers which allow silicone to adhere to different surfaces (metal, plastic, glass etc.). Dyes according to RAL and Pantone charts.