Silam will start in the following months the development of “Project Tupper 4.0” in collaboration with “Mondragon Componentes” within the Szukaldatzen program set up by the Provincial Council of Guipuzkoa.

The Provincial Council announced Szukaldatzen LAB on March 7th at the GARAIA Technology Park established by Mondragon Corporation. According to the regional representatives, it is a program that is being conducted in collaboration with several companies in Gipuzkoa. The objective of this initiative is to create an innovative laboratory that serves as a space of cooperation between industrial enterprises that work in the cooking appliances sector.

This presentation took place at Mondragon Corporation’s GARAIA Technology Park. The event was attended by Ainhoa Aizpuru, Deputy of Economic Development, Juan Mañero, President of Silam, and Juanan Granate, Materials Engineering Director at Silam.

As explained by the Deputy Aizpuru, the gastronomical sector is one of the most important strategic investments of the Provincial Council. Jabier Aranzeta, R&D Director at “Mondragon Componentes”, also stated that participating in this initiative has been crucial in order to establish synergies with other companies.

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