Silam Tech Center is a completely strategic bet, always moving forward in a brand culture that has always sought innovation, development and product quality. Investing in new laboratory equipment, recruiting and training our staff are fundamental parts of our continuous internal organization.

Silam Tech Center is space full of modern facilities composed of a lab and the most technologically advanced equipment, along with a highly qualified human team that continues to develop its expertise with each project.

Silam Tech Center is the place where we invest in innovation, we develop and create our own silicone formulations, we control and standardize every process, we design our own production means and we offer personalized solutions to our customers.

We also collaborate with various technology centers and we take part, in collaboration with other companies, in several projects coordinated by different associations such as the Consorcio del Caucho (Spanish Rubber Association) and ACEDE (Home & Appliances Vasque Cluster).


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