In response to this unusual situation, Silam has collaborated in different projects to contribute to the fight against covid-19. Among these projects, it is worth noting Silam’s support to the creation of a ‘breathing bubble’ and a protective face shield.

Silam, together with 8 other companies, has supported Iñaki Aramburu and Javier Escamilla (both from Guipuzkoa) in the creation of a prototype to assist patients affected by Covid-19. It is an oxygen therapy device for those patients who have difficulty breathing but can still do it by themselves.

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Silam has also collaborated in the production of a face protection screen manufactured by Moldeados de Caucho Iscar. These screens are very light and protect against splashes and particles at low speed. They can be found for sale on their website:


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Breathing Bubble website: ​The Breathing Bubble
Moldeados de Caucho Iscar website: ​Cauchos Iscar
Newspaper article about the Breathing Bubble in El Diario Vasco: Una burbuja para salvar vidas

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