At the SILAM Group (Silam and Dicoinisa) we work to improve people’s quality of life, serving the needs of different countries, spanning diverse sectors. Taking into account the seriousness of the situation we face as a society, we work and adapt to the current needs of our clients. In particular, we are giving absolute priority to orders we receive from the Health, Pharmaceutical and Hospital sectors.

At our production plants in Gipuzkoa and Barcelona,we manufacture extruded parts for engineering, medical and pharmaceutical use. Silicone is a material widely used in laboratories and in pharmaceutical practices. It is a material that can be easily sterilized with the most common hydrophobic, biocompatible and non-toxic techniques. Among the ways that Silicone can be used are: fluid extraction and conduction tubes, artery obstruction tape, radiopaque silicone, and conductive silicone.

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