We formulate and produce ready-to-use silicone compounds according to our clients’ needs for different technologies: moulding by compression and injection, extrusion of tubes and profiles, insulation of wires and cables, coatings for rollers and textiles, calendering etc.

In collaboration with our clients, we design exclusive formulas for every need: steam resistant, oil resistant, self-extinguishing, spongy, with improved mechanical properties etc.

Silicone: from 20 Sh A to 90 Sh A

Working temperature:
Silicone: from -60 ºC to 300 ºC.

Transparent and any colour on the RAL chart.

External certifications:
European Pharmacopoeia, USP XXV class VI, FDA CFR 21-177.2600, RAL, EN549, EN50200, listed on Spain’s General Sanitary Register 39.04695/SS, etc.

Measurements: The silicone compounds are supplied in a wide variety of forms: in sheets of various measurements and thicknesses, on continuous strips of different dimensions, in cylindrical bales, etc.