At SILAM we push ourselves to the maximum to offer customized solutions for each client. Our main goal is to satisfy their most specific needs.

For this reason, the design and manufacture of gaskets, profiles and tubes made of silicone is one of the cornerstones of SILAM, together with our own compound formulations.

In line with this positioning, SILAM has developed its own technology for the manufacture of sealing gasket joints, which are used in different applications, such as in the luminaires for public infrastructure lightning, in various household appliances, in food conservation containers or in chimney ventilation systems.

We invest in innovation

To develop our own technology, we rely on the SILAM Tech Center, where the most advanced equipment is combined with a highly qualified professional team that is in continuous collaboration with the leading technological centers.

This is the approach that has led SILAM to reach a leading position in the Iberian Peninsula and become a European benchmark: our commitment to offer customized solutions aimed to satisfy the needs of our clients.


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