Power Transmission

Silicone compounds and components for maximum safety in cabling and power transmission (medium and high voltage).


Silicone is used mainly because of its fast extrusion, good mechanical properties and resistance to high temperatures. In addition, silicone does not create toxic waste in the event of fire.

Sample applications: There is high demand for certain specialised uses of silicone, including safety cables which turn to ceramic in the event of fire in public buildings, cables that are resistant to very high temperatures (up to 300 ºC), automotive battery cables, cables for railway use etc.

Applications in medium and high voltage power transmission:

The chemical structure of silicone is such that it is extremely useful for application in the power transmission and distribution sector. Different types of silicone exhibit a wide range of electric, physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Silicone is hydrophobic (i.e. it repels water), UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and has high thermal stability.

Sample applications: insulators, cable terminations, joints.