Food contact

Certified compounds and silicone and silicone sponge components.

This industry has established a series of regulations regarding the materials that may come into contact with food. Characteristics such as high resistance to temperatures, high chemical resistance, lack of taste or smell, and non-stick properties make silicone a highly valued and widely used material in the food sector.

FDA      USP XXV class VI
BfR        RAL H-18

Sample applications:

  • Transporting liquids: dairy production, vending machines, coffee machines etc.
  • Kitchen equipment: containers, packaging, moulds etc.
  • Seals which have contact with food or liquids: oven seals, bakery, contact with water, juices, milk etc.
  • Parts that are detectable to magnetic fields: seals, bellows, stoppers for machines used in this industry (industrial confectionary, baked goods, juices, packaging, etc.).