High-quality silicone and silicone sponge compounds and components.

The versatility of silicone gives it multiple applications in the automotive sector. The characteristics which are most important for its application are:

  • Electrics: insulation and conduction
  • Electronics: watertightness, resistance to temperature, good ageing.
  • Interiors: flexibility, ease of colourin, excellent adhesion to different materials.
  • Bodywork: UV resistance, watertightness, cold flexibility.
  • Engine: ideal adhesion, resistance to high pressure and temperature, low compression set.

Sample applications:

Gaskets, technical parts, extrusions, shock absorbers
Temperature and rain sensors, windshields, transmission bellows, flexible connections, gaskets, lighting, bumpers…
Conductor and dielectric cables.
Intercooler piping, turbochargers, radiators etc.
Supports and anti-vibrators
Exhaust pipe supports, anti-vibration supports, bushings