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Since our beginnings in 1964, in Silam we have evolved to become renowned throughout Europe and a market leader in the Iberian Peninsula in HTV (High Temperature Vulcanisation) silicone processing.

With more than 50 years of experience, we are committed to providing solutions and developing new projects in partnership with our clients.

We offer personalised solutions, adapted to our clients’ needs:

– Ready-to-use silicone compounds, additives and elastomers.

– Technical products manufactured in solid silicone and silicone sponge (e.g. tubes, gaskets, extrusions).

Quality and customer service are built into all our activities and relations, as integral characteristics of our products and our day-to-day work. That is how we are able to build relationships with clients and sectors known for their high standards.

Development and innovation

We work in close collaboration with our clients, giving them access to the full range of our experience and technical resources.

We develop personalised solutions which are planned and designed to meet your needs.

Silicone compounds ready for use according to the requirements of their intended application and the client, in terms of technical characteristics such as hardness, density, breaking load, elongation, tearing, fire resistance, oil resistance etc.

Products manufactured in solid silicone and silicone sponge. Extrusion of tubes, gaskets, profiles etc. and moulding of technical parts.

We use our own staff and resources to design and implement various production processes which create added value. Cutting, marking, gasket shaping with joints, self-adhesive support, shaping door frames with corners and die cutting.

Quality and Environment


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

We have several prestigious product certifications such as FDA, Bfr, European Pharmacopoeia, USP XXV, RAL H-18, EN 549, and we are listed in Spain’s General Sanitary Register (Registro General Sanitario) 39.04695/SS.

We are accredited by TÜV and by the audits of leading clients in various different sectors (electrical appliances, lighting, automotive, among others).

We guarantee compliance with European health and safety regulations including Reach and RoHS.

We use advanced technology to detect potential errors and statistical techniques to measure and monitor our problem-solving processes and methodology.

We have our own laboratory which is equipped with diverse monitoring and measuring devices capable of running tests which comply with different regulations (ISO, EN, ASTM, VDE, NF, BS etc.).


ISO 9001



At Silam we aim to stand out because of our customer service.

To achieve that, we work as a team to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ requests.

We offer the flexibility needed to meet the changing demands of today’s global market.

We supply silicone at a global level and we put our logistical expertise at the service of our clients to make sure our products reach them in the required time and manner.

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Pol. Ind. José Mari Korta. Parcela A.3.2.
20750 Zumaia (Gipuzkoa)

+34 902 202 130 – +34 943 865 117
+34 902 202 140 – +34 943 865 116
General information: inf@silam.com
Customer service: clientes@silam.com


Romuald SOWA

 +49 2361 9069230
 Mobile phone: 0170 4121824