January 15 marked 20 years since the signing of the partnership agreement between Siliconas Silam and Wacker Chemie GmbH. It was then when we became the official HCR silicone mixer and distributor of HCR elastomers and their additives in the Iberian Peninsula.

The collaboration between these companies, that has proven to be very satisfactory for both parts, has given Wacker a privileged position in the market of the silicone compound in Spain and Portugal, reaching a 30% share of the market and having quadrupled its turnover.

The results of this work in common, thanks to Wacker’s support, has allowed Silam to grow sustainably and has increased its ability to offer the best solutions in the market when it comes to HCR silicone compounds and products.

Silam hopes to continue extending this collaboration for many more years, in order to achieve our ambitious objectives regarding innovation, quality and service that will consolidate the leadership of both companies in the Iberian Peninsula.

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